Wastefulness: Anti-Thrifte Living

March 3, 2008

I grew up poor. Because we did not have much to begin with, we learned the value of making every use we could from what we had. Perhaps that background and recent financial pitfalls have revived my desire not to be wasteful. Wasteful living is not thrifte living.


Take for instance the garbage that just one person produces in a day. How much of what we throw away could have been repurposed? As I ask this, I stare down into the garbage can that sits beside of my desk. Contents: some damaged 3 ½ inch disks, a cardboard box that a printer cartridge came in, and the sheets that labels came on. Since the disks were damaged beyond repair – physically, they wouldn’t make good craft objects, but I can recycle the cardboard box & repurpose the label backs into a little notepad. Notepads are easily made by cutting any paper & simply stapling onto a scrap of cardboard. With my two little mini-artists, those little notepads are wonderful! Think twice about what you throw away. If you don’t tend to be a creative person, use search engines to help you find multiple ways to repurpose items. Taking daily inventory of what you dispose of is not only economical and environmental; Repurposing is just one way to eliminate wastefulness.


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