What Conquering my clutter has taught me about getting out of debt

March 18, 2008

(1) Have a plan/goal:
Having a plan to deal with your $ situation works in the same way as having a goal for cleaning works: you know what you are going to do. As I have been attempting to conquer my clutter, I have found that making a list and posting it in a highly visible location has caused me to stay more on task. Dealing with debt works the same way. Many famous finance authors
advise that making a visual reminder will keep you more on track.

(2) Pace yourself:
     The FLYlady website states that you must realize that a house doesn’t get in that condition overnight. I observe that our finances don’t get in a bad condition overnight. As I have been making efforts to conquer my clutter, I have found that I HAVE to pace myself. Pacing myself when I clean is not only helpful physically, but is actually helping me to get more accomplished.If you pace yourself when dealing with your finances, you will get more accomplished &
the plan will not drain you.

(3) Celebrate goals:
I indulge myself when I reach decluttering and cleaning goals. Oftern times, my indulgence is time spent relaxing or crafting. I believe that celebrating is essential whether it is in relation to cleaning goals or financial goals. By celebrating, you are in a sense rewarding your good habits. Although adults may have more debt and wrinkles than children, we like children repeat things because of a reward. Reward yourself in small ways for reaching goals. One things to keep in mind is not to let your reward damper your goal!

(4) Evaluate what works/what doesn’t:
As I have been decluttering and cleaning my home, I have found myself having to carefully evaluate whether my organizing/cleaning methods are working. I have had to rethink some of the methods I am using to clean/organize in order to make it work for me. Budgeting also has need for a time of evaluation. Take a look once a month or once a week even at what methods for debt elimination are working and which need scrapped for something new.
By taking the time to evalute what is and isn’t working in your debt elimination goals, you can learn what areas need extra care, which areas need a major repair. Evaluate often to make your money plan work for you.


One Response to “What Conquering my clutter has taught me about getting out of debt”

  1. It’s good to have steps like that to follow in achieving goals. Since most people are also aiming to get out of debt, those guidelines may be helpful for them to analyze and criticize the ways they are doing to help themselves get out of debt. However, there are people who cling on to debt consolidation loans or debt settlements. These two options are good, nevertheless, you still need to follow a certain plan for you to be able to succeed in these kinds of ways in debt reduction. Discipline is the key – you have to be very patient in not using your credit cards until you got them all paid off. That’s the secret to becoming debt-free. Buy only things that are in need and minimize the habit of overspending.

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