My Clutter is killing my budget (and possibly more)

March 24, 2008

I will begin with a confession – I am a recovering PackRat. A Hoarder of items that I defend as being sentimental. It is after years of complaining about not having enough space that I have had to sit down and be honest about the situation.

My Clutter is killing my budget. In the past 10 years, I have on adverage purchased 6 storage tubs ($4 each) in addition to many other “organizational items. That would be at least $240 that I have spent on hoarding in storage tubs alone! That is almost a car payment! Add to that $240 the purchase of storage crates, file boxes and other plastic containers, and in the past 10 years, I have probably spent between $400-$600 on hiding my junk! Admittingly, those honest numbers make me quite squimish and obviously, broke.

Money is not the only thing that my clutter has cost me in the past 10 years. To my clutter, I have sacrificed countless hours of trying to figure out which box is which; I have thrown away storage area that I need, precious space in my home, and probably a year’s supply of allergy medicine trying to sort through the boxes each year. Just on the broad sense, my clutter is costing me money I can not afford to throw away, space I do not really have, and possibly even my health. For the sake of more than frugality, getting a manageable hold on my clutter is a MUST.


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