All Aboard the Frugal Train

April 1, 2008

After 10 years of trying to figure out what was going wrong with my family’s finances, I turned to Frugal lifestyle. I had been listening to Money Matters radio program for over a year, so I had a basic sense of what I should be doing. Online articles and blogs became my prepatory school, while I have also begun to dip from the well of the local libraries as well.

All of this said, I have learned how important it is to get your family and peers on board with you in the persuit of living more frugally. Being on board with you does not mean forcefully persuading them to live the frugal lifestyle with you (although it may certainly influence them to give it a try); Having your family and peers on board with you can mean:

(1) Your Spouse: As your partner in life and delight of your heart, it is ABSOLUTE that you and your spouse are in one accord wih any financial goals. Finances can be a delicate subject in many marriages, but it is necessary to talk and work together toward a common goal. Climb on the frugal train together, with mutual desinations and mutal itinerary. Sit down and decide what living the frugal life will mean for you as a couple. Set guidelines for both of you to follow. I cannot begin to emphasize how NECESSARY it is to work together with your spouse on any financial goals.

(2) Your children: If you have children still at home, then is important for them to understand what the money guidelines mean for them as well. Set financial goals for them, and introduce them to free or very frugal fun. Joining sites such as Free Cycle may help curb your child’s cravings as well. Consider rewards that last longer than a cheep plastic toy.

(3) Other Family & Friends: Don’t associate love for your family and friends with money. People mostly value the amount of time that you spend with them. Talk with your family and friends about gift giving. Explain to your friends that eating out may mean eating at your house. Although most people do not feel comfortable discussing money issues with their family and friends, it is best to be open and honest with those closest to our lives about our goals. Total non-disclosure can lead to many misunderstandings. By disclosing, you may find resources on how to save money from those closest to you.


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