Have you prayed about your money situation?

April 3, 2008

Have you prayed about your money situation?
I’m not talking about murmuring under your breath about a money miracle. I’m asking if you have earnestly turned toward the ONE and ONLY true GOD about your money situation?

Most people will say no. Out of the ones who would honestly admit to seeking GOD about their money situation would also have to honestly confess that they had prayed for instant gratification. Seeking GOD about money issues should happen, but need to happen in a Bible based manner:

(1) Praise and thank GOD for HIS provision. If you have clothes on, the ability to read, and food in your house, then you have more than enough to praise GOD about. A Look through Deut. 6 is a reminder that all that we have comes from GOD. Thank HIM for what HE has given you; PRAISE HIM because HE is more than worthy.

(2) Ask for what you need, not what you want. You may want for GOD to bless you with enough money to buy an $40K pool, but what you may truly need is to pay off the $15K in credit card debts that you have. Call to mind the prayer that JESUS taught HIS disciples – “give us this day our daily bread”…. ask for what you need.

(3) Ask for guidance, and be willing to accept it. Be sure to ask GOD to guide your money making decisions, but also be open to the answer. GOD may not audibly orate to you from the Heavens, but HE may put good Christian people in your path that are very good money managers. GOD may or may not use a catchy sermon to shed light on a money mistake; HE may use a quiet friend to lovingly remind you that all first fruits belong to GOD.

In earnesty, we should seek GOD first and foremost in any situation, not just money. By seeking HIM first, we honor GOD as supreme in our lives.


3 Responses to “Have you prayed about your money situation?”

  1. Good Blog. I will continue reading it in the future. Nice layout too.

    Aaron Wakling

  2. great post, some things to think about!

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