Faith Edition Friday: learning from the past

April 4, 2008

I have been reading and studying Deuteronomy lately. Before the PUP class that I am currently in, I would have to say that I had never truly read this 5th book of the Torah – I had only skimmed over its surface. I am glad that I am taking this class, because I have gained a convicting knowledge of one important truth: learn from your past.

Take the time this week to read Deut. Chpts 1-11. As you read, take the time to record all of the references to remembering the past. I believe you will be blessed, as I have, at how many times Israel was asked to remember their past iniquities, and at how Israel was to learn from these past mistakes.

At my young age of 30, I have an iniquity filled past. GOD has been using my studies in Deuteronomy to convict me to learn from my past. I have been finding that I, like Israel, constantly fall into the same snares time and time again. By learning from my past, I can begin to walk in obedience and peace with JESUS CHRIST. By learning from past mistakes, I can offer true testimonial against such sinful living, and help a fellow JESUS follower to have a closer relationship with CHRIST JESUS.

What about you? Take the time to read Deuteronomy Chapters 1-11 this week, and allow GOD to filter truth onto your life situation. What would GOD have you to learn from your past?


One Response to “Faith Edition Friday: learning from the past”

  1. I am in a Bible Study Fellowship class, and next year we’re studying the books of Moses. Should be an interesting one as a lot of those books I’ve kind of skimmed over in the past, but now we’ll be going more in depth. It’s amazing what God can teach you from a piece of the bible you may not have read carefully before.

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