Save Money & the environment? I can do that!

April 4, 2008

I have been money concious with my money spending decisions over the past 3 months, so I am alwawys intreged to hear about ways to save money. But how about save money & the environment?

Allow me to offer up just one such tip on how to do both: do not use plastic cups or buy bottled water. According to this, less than one percent of all plastic is being recycled in the us. Instead of using those shiny red plastic cups or buying expensive bottles of water, invest in a personal sports bottle. For parties, ask guests to BYOC (bring your own cup). This small gesture will help to lessen your contribution to the wastefields, but also to your pocket. By reusing a sports bottle rather than buying bottled water, in one year a person could probably afford home water delivery service. Remember, every penny saved counts.. and I guess every inch of clean earth does too.


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