Organization saves me money??

April 7, 2008

Most of us know that organizing your home will save you countless hours searching for an item, or how it will save your sanity from the clutter. It can save you money as well.

Paper: By Organizing your paper clutter, you will not lose bills and be forced to pay past-due fees. Paper organization also includes organizing your coupons, keeping up with an employment benefit packet, or not buying another ‘Happy Birthday” card when you already have 50. Sort through your paper, dispense of the unnecessary, and organize what you want to keep. Use an organization method that works for you.

Clothes: Organizing your clothes should be important, whether or not you want to save money. I know people who have so many piles of clothes that they have to go out and buy more just to have something to wear. If you haven’t wore it in a year, get it out of your house!! As for saving money, organizing your clothing will keep you from making unnessary clothing purchases, and allow you to make a few bucks by having a yard sale with the excess. Many areas have consignment stores that buy clothing, and don’t forget to donate some articles to a local homeless shelter or church clothing ministry.

Office Supplies: I don’t think I have to explain how organizing these can keep you from making unneeded purchases. You may also find that there are somethings that you bought that you no longer need or use. I am sure that a local church or school could put those little extras to use.

Your time: I am a reluctant scheduler myself, but I have learned the great value of organizing my time. By planning my week, I can often find ways to combine tasks to save precious (and expensive) gas, and accomplish more in a short amount of time. Scheduling does not have to be a minute-by-minute thing, and must always include room for the unexpected. Scheduling does mean being more disciplined and structured. However, discipline and structure are required in most major lifestyle changes. If you want to get yourself out of debt, it will require disclipline and structure.

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