Wee Save Wednesday: Soap

April 9, 2008

It’s the arguement that never seems to be resolved: which saves more money, bar or liquid soap? For me, the answer is liquid.

Using bar soap initially is cheeper. Some stores offer 3 bars for 1 dollar. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time keeping my bar soap from shiveling up, falling apart, or becoming too slimy to do much with. There are some techiniques to prevent this: soap savers, soap trays, and many books how how to make those little mesh bags that hang over the sink. It just doesn’t work out for me. When I buy solid bar soap, I end up tossing a substantial amount of what I bought. With 2 sons and a messy husband, that adds up.

Liquid soap makes more sense for me, money wise. A large 9 oz bottle of soap can be purchased for one dollar at many stores. What most don’t know is that that 9 oz, watered down, becomes 15 or 16 oz worth. Any soap that can be used on hands at the sink can be carried to the tub, which cuts purchases in half. In addition, liquid soap can also be used to wash dishes – just in case you ever run out.  
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