THIS credit card company has pushed my buttons…

April 28, 2008

I realize that my recent negative experience with a credit card company is non-unique; I am constantly reading on how individuals are being taken advantage of by the powerful mograls of credit.

My experience is with Macy. My husband & I made a recent commitment to pay it off, since we owe the least on it. Recently, we began to get many phone calls from Macy’s, claiming a $25 past-due fee. Each time that the credit card company has called, it is always JUST before the next billing cyle. Not wanting to contest, my husband sent off the $25 last month. Guess what? 3 days before this billing cycle, I received yet ANOTHER call, claiming ANOTHER $25 past-due fee. That has pushed my buttons!!

My solution? My husband & I are going to take whatever means necessary to pay it off by the end of the year, and cancel the card.

I’m curious.. Are we the only ones that MACY’s has polished out of $25 a month, month after month??


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