Priorities: Getting them into Perspective

May 12, 2008

GOD first.
GOD is sovereign over heaven and earth, – over all things. HE has given me all that I have, and has saved me to the uttermost. GOD is my JEHOVAH RAPAH. HE should be supreme over all of my life
      HOW? The 10 commandments tell us “Thou shalt Have NO OTHER gods before ME.” I need to make all that I do ultimately about serving HIM first. No more excuses. NO more laziness. GOD is worthy of all my praise and offering. HIS word should be what I read most. When I sing, I should be singing to HIM.

As a wife, my secondary job is serving my husband. I am not talking about crawling around on my hands. I am talking about being a helpmate to my darling hubby. My relationship to my husband should only be second to that of my relationship with CHRIST JESUS.
     HOW? By spending more time actively engaging with my husband. By making and taking time to build and deepen the relationship we have. By being willing to just listen, and not critic.

I have the blessing of having two wonderful young sons. It is my responsibility to help build them in the Word of GOD The character I build in them now – will determine the kind of person they will grow up to be.
     HOW? By spending more quality time with both of my children. For being the kind of mom to them that I have always wished I could be. By reading GOD’s Word to them EVERY night, no matter how tired I am. By taking the time to teach them about GOD. By playing more, and worrying less. By being determined to create happy memories for my kids.

Suggested reading on priorities:
Whatever happened to ‘No Other gods’ by Gather Little by Little


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