Moths in my Storehouse

May 19, 2008

Moths destroy. And does anyone really enjoy the thick smell of moth balls, woven into their sweaters?
I’ll disappoint my bug loving readers and say that this isn’t about moths or about moth balls. This is about possessions, physical and emotional. Things fill your sotrehouse, which is your life.

What is in Your storehold?
Litterally, begin with what things are in your life. If you were to die right now, would the people going through them find them useful or would the items become burdens of clutter? We seem to have a problem as humans that we fill our lives with stuff. Poor or rich, city or rural – we buy stuff. Honestly, do we really need or use half of the things we own? We build storage rooms, buy storage containers, build storage buildings – just to put our stuff. Come along side of me, and be honest with your possessions. The more we try to keep often costs us more to keep. Sell it, trade it, donate it – get it out of your life. It is, after all, just stuff.
I understand that many items become like family. Truly emotionally valaubale items deserve a good home within your home – and the rest needs to be put into perspective.
Perspective has been a reoccuring thought with me lately, and I attribut much of that to recent lessons from GOD. All-be-it that I am a simple country hayseed, I myself have become stuff-oriented. I want it to be about relationships – both with GOD and with the people in my life. I know that when I come to the end of my days, I do not what my children burdened with the clutter of my selfishness.
Take inventory of it all.

Excess to Bless
Now that we know what we have in our storehouse and what is really necessary out of all of that junk, we both must decide what to do with the extra stuff. My choice is use my excess to bless. That means that I have chosen to give all of my extra ‘junk’ to help my church or to the local homeless shelter. My ‘junk’ that I am not doing a good job caring for can go and bless far more people.

About those moths
Moths happen because of two things: lack of maintance and lack of prevention. What things we decide to keep must be kept with full commitment to maintain what we have. Since we are human, it makes since that the less we have the easier it would be for us to maintain. Prevention happens by being diligent with what we decide to fill our storehouse with. Whether through thrifty or simple living, we must be thoughtful in all the things we allow to fill our lives. If Aunt Georgina gave you 3 pairs of orange and black socks that you know that you will never wear, don’t allow them to collect dust in your closet. Gifts or purchases, be conciencience in wht you decide to allow to fill your home, your life, your mind.


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