Is GOD in your checkbook?

July 7, 2008

Open your checkbook up, and look at the check record.

Cable Bill.
Electric Bill
Gas Bill.
That large Warehouse store that sells everything.

Is GOD in there?

I am not talking a literal check written out to GOD. HE owns the cattle on a thousand hills, so what would HE need with our meager pocket change? I am talking about giving to the things of GOD.

I’ll be blunt. As Christians, we should be tithing. We need to be tithing. I will not go into a long novella as to the plethora of reasons why we should tithe. I will refer you to Bible Money Matters. Pete has written two very good posts on the reasons for tithing: The Bible and Tithing: To give or not to give, Part One, and Part Two.

I will say that tithing supports your minister(s), Sunday School, Youth Programs and Outreaches for the Afflicted.

Large Ministry Support

There are many Biblically sound and Financially responsible ministries that could greatly benefit from the charitable giving of Christians. I heard a statistic recently that Christian people donate less than 3% of their income toward Charity. In a society where finding anything decent on television or radio is a rarity, Christians can best influence the media by giving toward a ministry that challenges others to be in GOD’s Word. Don’t be embarrassed if all that you can donate is $10 a month. There is not a single Biblically based ministry out there that would not take that $120 a year to help broadcast the Truth of God’s Word to the masses.

Local Evangelical Ministry Giving

Call a couple of local churches, food kitchens, or Associational Directors, and odds are that you will find many small local ministries that are desperate for even $10 a month. Donations such as clothes, canned food and service are always appreciated, too. The Local Evangelical Ministries are often the unrecognized – they minister to our neighbors, to our communities and to our hometowns. Big City and Little Suburb alike, these little ministries need a place in your checkbook as well.

How about you? What’s in your checkbook? Could you take the $5 or $10 you waste on candy bars a month and send to a ministry? Are you tithing – giving as it has been given unto you?

A wise friend once reminded me that our money isn’t ours anyways – GOD has just loaned it to us to be good stewards with it, and to use it toward HIS glory.


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