‘Recession’ Response

August 13, 2008


The media is plush with stories on the current economy. I believe that you would be hard-pressed to flip through the news tonight without the “recession” storm overtaking you. The media is using the term “recession” so much, that people actually are buying into it. My post, however, isn’t really about the current financial situation in the USA. It is about money/economy in general.

Spoiled mentality

Why is it that so many people rationalize purchases with the words “because I deserve it”? That’s a little presumptuous. I resolve that we don’t necessarily “deserve” everything that we buy. I think that humans deserve the essentials: food and shelter. Some might deem that “basic essential needs”, yet how many people will curl up on the cold ground tonight without anything in their stomach?

Can’t Buy me…

There are a lot of things that money itself cannot buy. Money cannot buy back a ruined relationship. No amount of stuff can truly fill a void. Money is also very temporary. When we die, it will not go with us to our eternal destinations. “Money is merely a method of exchange, and is only worth what someone else is willing to give you for it” (Dave Ramsey).

What it all comes down to

Money is paper and coin. We can buy stuff with it, but obviously that stuff is just stuff. Invest your time, invest your love, invest your energy and you will reap better rewards than simply investing your money will.


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