Trickle: On being more generous

August 14, 2008

Drip. Kurplunk. Drip. Drip. Kurplunk.

When people thinks of generosity, they often think of abundant, lavish generosity. The word Generous radiates thoughts of wealthy people building new wings of hospitals or building homes for the poor. Generosity is a misunderstood and underused concept in the current culture.

does a little matter?

People often misunderstand that generosity must be lavish showers of money. Being generous simply means being willing to give what you can to those who need it. Even $1 given to a soup kitchen will help to put a few more spoons of food on a plate. Yes, a little given in generosity matters. Ask the homeless shelters who run on donations; ask the church who is about to close their doors due to finances.


If you do not give toward anything, then giving anything is better than nothing. If you already give in small or big portions, then consider how you might be more generous. Can you give $5 more? What about $15?

One penny at a time. Give. By giving a little more, maybe someone will not have to go to bed without food or without shelter tomorrow night.


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