Vision: 1 year & 5 years

August 18, 2008

(Note: Instead of writing on what works for me and what has worked for others in the aspect of personal finance, I am writing today on what my current situation is and what “vision” I have for my family’s financial future. Enjoy, for what it is worth.)


  • $21, 000 in debt, exlcuding our home and cars.
  • 4 years payments left on vehicles
  • Paying on our $100K home, which is completely interest free.

In One year, I have the vision that we…

  • Will have paid $10K on our general debts, through budgeting and selling what we do not need.
  • Continuing to pay off the vehicles… (sigh) and home.
  • Living on a tighter budget, and possibly taking on side jobs to throw at our debt.

In 5 years, I have the vision that we ….

  • will be out of debt other than our home!
  • have a small amount of “rainy-day/murphey is coming” fund started
  • will be financially sound enough that giving to “Faithful following of JESUS” will not be an issue.

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