Powering Down

March 16, 2009

It is commonplace for the cost-concious, the frugal-minded to power down lights when leaving a room or unplug unused appliances.

Since I became unemployed yet again back in November, I began taking my power usage one step farther.

I open my blinds as soon as the sun comes out, turn the thermostat down as far as I can comfortably bear, and try to avoid any usage of electricity other than the occasional push of my vaccum (which I have reduced down to once a week).

I cannot say that such tiny measures have placed millions into my pockets, but it has made me more aware of what I use and why.

Do I really need the lamp on when I read? Or can I sit by the window in my livingroom and enjoy my book in the dull March sunshine?

Such “hacks” work in my day to day life. With the arrival of spring weather on its way, I am sure that I will find other ways to cut back, and power down my home.


According to the Harrison County Library system, 80% of library funding comes from local taxes. If we are paying for this resource, shouldn’t we be using it to the full extent?

Many local libraries offer more than children’s books and old history books. Today’s libraries offer many¬†resources such as free internet use and¬† free workshops. Recently, I have dove into the well of my local libraries (I have 3 public libraries within 30 minutes drive, although I live in a rural area) to check out videos for my children. I was only required to pay a one time fee, and my children are getting to enjoy videos as frequently as they would from the video store for free.

Libraries not only offer videos, free internet and classes, but they also offer much more in some areas. One of my three gems offers a movie night once a month for adults, and all three have free programs for children.

Many libraries also have a section of ecomonics where you can check out books on how to save more money, as well as recipe books that can teach you how to cook on a dime. Make use of your local libraries and see what free treasures are awaiting you.


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