From This moment forward…

January 15, 2009

When I started the Thriftehayseed blog back in April 2008, I thought that I could add myself to the masses of the ‘frugal advice’ style blogs that were so dear to my heart. I realized

  1. Blogging frequently is hard
  2. Most frugal advice is already out there, and has been written by more knowledgeable individuals than I.
  3. I had little clue what I was doing.

That being said, I have decided that my blogging efforts on Thriftehayseed need to be refocused.

  1. I will blog about things that I do to cut costs.
  2. I will link to favorite blogs and recommend books
  3. I will blog more frequently, without any pretensions. I will put my family first, my health first, and most of all GOD first before blogging.

Drip. Kurplunk. Drip. Drip. Kurplunk.

When people thinks of generosity, they often think of abundant, lavish generosity. The word Generous radiates thoughts of wealthy people building new wings of hospitals or building homes for the poor. Generosity is a misunderstood and underused concept in the current culture.

does a little matter?

People often misunderstand that generosity must be lavish showers of money. Being generous simply means being willing to give what you can to those who need it. Even $1 given to a soup kitchen will help to put a few more spoons of food on a plate. Yes, a little given in generosity matters. Ask the homeless shelters who run on donations; ask the church who is about to close their doors due to finances.


If you do not give toward anything, then giving anything is better than nothing. If you already give in small or big portions, then consider how you might be more generous. Can you give $5 more? What about $15?

One penny at a time. Give. By giving a little more, maybe someone will not have to go to bed without food or without shelter tomorrow night.

Let me guess: you have realized that you have debt. Most Americans due, but that does not make it a normal thing by any means. You know you have debt because there is more month than money, you can’t ever seem to “get ahead”, or that big minus sign in your bank account tells you so. It doesn’t matter how that you came to the realization that you have debt, it only matters that you do realize that you have debt and that you actually would like to get out of debt.

Checking Your Supplies

I point to Dave Ramsey as the source for the following advice: “put it on paper on purpose”. Use a spreadsheet program of your choice, or just a pad of paper and a pencil. The idea here is to know exactly how much income that you have coming into your house. Use your net income.

In addition to income, its time to see what you have packed into your wagon. Are there items that you could sell to lighten up your debt load? Evaluate carefully what you could sell, and the profit from that sell. Include this income on paper, and commit yourself to a deadline by which you will have posted the item for sell, or to have your yard sell.

Plan Your Trip

If you were going to take a huge trip across country, you would probably make a plan for your trip. Getting to the Land of Better Money Days is going to take preperation as well.  Just as one individual is different from another, every person’s money plan will be different from anothers. Make a plan. Make the plan realistic, though.

Know the dangers

Getting out of debt does have dangers: they are called tempations and lack of responisbility. Be firm when temptations come – remember where you really want to go (Debt-free-opia) and stay AWAY from things that try to stir you from that directions. Others may try to get you to splurge on something, but remember that just one little splurge will default your debt-free efforts. Be responisble. If you are wanting to get yourself (and family) out of the valley of debt, you must be responsible with your decisions. Don’t be a five year old and want, want, want. Disciple yourself, delay pleasure – be an adult.

Get Started NOW

Don’t put it off any longer. If you want to get to the land of Better Money Situations, start today. Any procrastinating, any excuses – are not going to produce real results. Start TODAY!!!

For Today

May 5, 2008

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall
take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day {is}
the evil thereof.
~Matthew 6:34

Knowing & doing are two different things

I suppose I have known this verse most of my life, and have heard it taught on my numerous
Pastors and Bible Teachers during my life. However, I have been a Worrier. I am famous for
utterly worrying myself to illness over stuff. I know that I know that worrying will not change one
iota of the situation. Worrying certainly hasn’t made things go easier, or life better.

If not worry, then what?

It really has to be about today. What can I do Today? Can I save some money on gas by not going to town today? Can I do spend a few more minutes one on one with my children today? I know that I cannot spot clean my entire house today – but I can clean the bathroom counter today. Little things today add up, and make a difference if & when tomorrow comes.

Where I stand..

As of today, I two of my small debts from over my head. WOO HOOO!!!! Today, I packed my lunch and cooked my other two meals at home. Today, I worked on one sketch for the VBS committee. That isn’t much, but it is progress. My day isn’t over yet, either. What will you & I do today?

Station: Fox Business
Time: 8pm, both nights
Event: According to the show that aired 4/25, the episode May 1st will be on Dave Ramsey’s “babysteps”.