For Today

May 5, 2008

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall
take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day {is}
the evil thereof.
~Matthew 6:34

Knowing & doing are two different things

I suppose I have known this verse most of my life, and have heard it taught on my numerous
Pastors and Bible Teachers during my life. However, I have been a Worrier. I am famous for
utterly worrying myself to illness over stuff. I know that I know that worrying will not change one
iota of the situation. Worrying certainly hasn’t made things go easier, or life better.

If not worry, then what?

It really has to be about today. What can I do Today? Can I save some money on gas by not going to town today? Can I do spend a few more minutes one on one with my children today? I know that I cannot spot clean my entire house today – but I can clean the bathroom counter today. Little things today add up, and make a difference if & when tomorrow comes.

Where I stand..

As of today, I two of my small debts from over my head. WOO HOOO!!!! Today, I packed my lunch and cooked my other two meals at home. Today, I worked on one sketch for the VBS committee. That isn’t much, but it is progress. My day isn’t over yet, either. What will you & I do today?


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